Time flies past

The next second a new dawn sets in

It can bring joy to one

Sadness to another

But the brightness in the sky is all it takes to light up my face

To forget the worries and bathe in the light

Hold a smile on your face for a longer while

Looking up at the clouds,

Figuring out the shapes they form

Making meaning from insignificant beauty

But does it really have to hurt when you can’t achieve what you want

I ask myself again

And looking up at the sky

Even though it would always be my companion

The affiliation disappears

The truth of life settles in

Once again back in reality

That’s when you know

There is not only a dawn of the day

But also the dawn of realization

Both intertwined with each other may not be for the best

But dawn can be followed by twilight

And so can realization be followed by change…




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