Words fell

…and he words fell
Stringing together sentences
With such fluency like a well versed language
Stirring up emotions in its wake

Her words fell
Passionately inscribed upon paper
Blue against the white
Beckoning the reader

Her words fell
Spelling those moments of joy;
The adventures they’d encountered
Those cherished memories she kept close yo her heart

Her words fell
Into redundancy
For the eyes it sought
Were blind to the language of love…



Her lips were puffed
Moistened by him,
Her nose could still sense
His intoxicating smell linger.
Her cheeks were flushed
And colour rose into them as she blushed,
Her left ear was red
With the way he’d nipped it.
Her breathing, erratic
Having held her breath during his touch,
Her chest heaved
As her lungs craved for air.
Her head pained with pleasure
With the way he’d tugged at her hair,
Her back felt cold
As she had been pushed up against the metal door.
Her hands craved
For the touch of his soft hair,
Her heart wounded
From his cruel stab.
That’s what she felt
As she stood alone
Left bleeding.
Her eyes brimming with love
Now filled with tears,
Her eyes sparkling with emotions
Now saw him for the last time.
Her eyes,
Beautiful blue
Searched for his as her vision blurred.
Her eyes,
Never to see him again
Never to see anyone again.
Never, to see again.
Her eyes,
Never to be seen again…