What is it called
When you’re supposed to explain something
But you’re speechless
Without an answer?
They think you should know
I mean
How else would your behaviour be justified?
But what if
You don’t know?
Have no idea!
You’re reaction, yet a puzzle…
Why should they expect?
When even you
You, yourself are lost
The confusion within you not helping
But still pressured to give an answer?
What is it called?
Because I’m clueless
And someone is waiting for an answer…


To him

I hear a name
He calls out again
Just a letter
That’s the most I can hear
I search around
For him
Again he calls
And I stumble forward
‘A’ that’s the letter I hear
My footsteps quicken
Forward I walk
His melodious voice rings through the air for the third time
Now my heart stops
It isn’t my name that he calls
‘A’ was just another letter amongst it
My steps turn
Backwards into the darkness
Where I am meant to belong
For he’s never going to see me for who I am
For he’s always going to be oblivious to my presence
These thoughts somehow cracking my heart open
Leaving it in two pieces
One that belongs to me
The other that’ll always belong to him…


She sat


Thinking of the past that haunted her

She could not move past it

Somehow it was still controlling her life

It held on to her

With every moment that passed

It grew

Creating a void within her

Eating up her emotions

Leaving her empty

Her body was sore

She tried to rise

But her muscles didn’t budge


Physically and mentally 

She cried out for help


It surrounded her

Inside and out

Her body numb

Accepting defeat

Froze at that spot

In that stillness

She saw a future

Something that had been evading her very dreams

Dreams that only consisted of the horrors of the past

Dreams that only consisted of the dark

But now

She saw the light

Bright and shining

Beckoning her forward

Sparking inside her the motivation she used to once have

With determination, she stepped forward 

One step at a time

Slow and steady, she started on her journey

Her broken wings 


She was proud of who she was

A flightless bird in flight…


The Countdown

Centuries ago, it all started

Decades ago, they destroyed my home

Years ago, I discovered the truth

Months ago, I put my plan into action

Weeks ago, they found me

Days ago, my wounds were still raw

Hours ago, I found the will to live

Minutes ago, I tried escaping

Seconds ago, I was so close

Breath ago, I was still alive…



(Something I wrote with my friends)


A shadow fell on her face

Eyes closed

Deep in sleep

Unaware she lay


A scream pierced the night

Followed by sirens

Under the starry sky


Yet bright


Nothing added up

A mystery it lay

For the shadow had moved on

And so did they


The shadow sought

Yet another soul

For it’s thirst wasn’t quenched

Until he’d savored four


It glided along a footpath

Whence it smelled it’s prey

Fool were he

To roam at that dire place


A shiver he felt

Run down his spine

As his shadow, behind

Was upon him in no time


Heartily fed

The shadow left

Never would it return now

Never could it return now

For it lay in the hands of it’s creator

Hidden from the world of souls

Hidden from the shadows of death…