Broken Heart

And when you’ve lost hope
You know it is all pointless
Because nothing matters now
A light flickers on
Casting mocking shadows
Leaving you unsure.
What exactly does life want?
Why dangle such ideas in front of your tired eyes?
It all happened in another life
So why can’t you get over it?
Take a step away,
Move on with your life
And smile…
Why the overthinking then?
Where you can’t help but wonder
Is this all a sign perhaps?
Like lightening and thunder?
Constant hints of care and love
The flame filling you with warmth
But just as subtle and sweet
To never lead you on.
So is it all a hoax
Cooked up in your mind
Because your heart would not believe
There’s nothing in between the lines?
So you play the fool
To console your heart
And convince yourself
To play the part.
You yearn for that comfort
You aren’t even sure you will get,
Thirsty for the love
You think he’s reserved for someone else.
So then;
Why the hope,
The fluttering of the heart?
Why the pain, of a broken heart?
You know it is never to be
This is not a love story,
Yet you want to believe
That things are different
And just maybe…
For how long can you do this though?
Hours, days, weeks?
Because you’re breaking from within
Don’t you see?
Let it go
You’re almost free,
And just when you’ve lost hope
A light flickers on…





​We talked for hours

However, times changed fast

Soon we entered silent waters
Drifting in our boats alongside
Glances were all we shared
For words, now, felt foreign.
We had built our own walls
Different habits, different thoughts
Ruining the connection we once shared
Distorting the memories we’d made.
The river divided into smaller streams
Life pulled us in different directions

Were we ever to meet again?
In the ocean someplace…

Were we ever to talk again?
In whispers like friends…

Or would we no longer recognise the other?
After all
It seemed like a mere dream
A dream I’d give anything to relive
If it meant you were by my side…


Broken pieces

I guess in the end, I started to think about the beginning

Those small things,

Those petty choices that are shaping my future

No one can predict what lies ahead of us

One can only wonder,

Fantasize even…

But the truth is

The answer lies with us

What we choose to do,

What we choose to become.

Some say our destiny is written,

Probably is

But man finds the most difficult path to tread

To lead them to their destination

All the hindrances shaping us up

Making us strong and mighty

While we feel weak and meek in the present

Wishing it to just fast forward,

Never to return.

‘It’s just a phase of life’

That’s what I tell myself

It’ll pass

But at the present

Hope is what I cling on to.

It’s the only optimism I have

But it’s good enough.

With a smile I face everyday

Waiting and wishing for those broken pieces of mine

To heal

To coagulate

To mend

So I am seen again

Heard again

And feel again

Like the person who once used to be,

Striving in adversity

With a determined mind

And a persistent heart…