Golden hues

Golden hues and swirling emotions

Don’t know if the wave reflects the sky or my soul
Deep and powerful with the ever changing shades of blue
The light bouncing off, dispersing within the water
As shadows play in the darkness, brooding away from the luminescence
Warmth spreads through the ocean as the day comes to an end
The ball of fire seemingly drowning within it
Like magic, it disappears at the horizon leaving behind the moon to dominate the sky.
The stars now reflecting off the surface and time passes till another day has come and gone
Looking now for a ray of hope,
The emergence of dawn.
The sky suddenly bursts into azure
Pink, red and golden hues encase the Earth
Blessed with yet another day
Taken for granted yet another time.
Golden hues and swirling emotions
The waves reflect the sky
Me, a bystander appreciating nature once in a while
Projecting my emotions to make meaning of this life…




You know how they say evolution came about
Three theories are considered
One, everything existed from the start and that one type became extinct
Two, suddenly a grand change occurred in DNA forming a new species
Third and the most well known one, adaptation.
All species have adapted to their habitats which help them survive
Survive the heat of the Sahara
Survive the cold of the North Pole
Because everything ultimately comes to survival…
Look at humans,
One goes through a break up, a roller coaster of emotions and yet, somehow learn to live life
Talk about death, the loss of a close one, altogether it is the worst kind of feeling because after a point you become numb. Numb to more pain for you know there couldn’t be anything worse that could happen. You just survive, barely, but you do and try to live life without them.
We survive through such situations because we learn to adapt, adapt to those emotions, adapt to those feelings that consume us.
We survive through such situations because we know that succumbing to them will make us go mad, bonkers!
We survive through such situations because, unfortunately our survival instinct kicks in and life pushes us forward in another direction making our hearts heavy and at the same time light enough to go on…



Words fell

…and he words fell
Stringing together sentences
With such fluency like a well versed language
Stirring up emotions in its wake

Her words fell
Passionately inscribed upon paper
Blue against the white
Beckoning the reader

Her words fell
Spelling those moments of joy;
The adventures they’d encountered
Those cherished memories she kept close yo her heart

Her words fell
Into redundancy
For the eyes it sought
Were blind to the language of love…


She wrote about love she had never experienced
Those touches that sent her skin tingling, never felt

Those words that took away her breath, never heard

Those eyes lost in the other’s, never seen.

But yet she wrote about it all

Filling the blank pages of her book

So that someday when she read them again,

She would finally understand what they truly meant…



The first rays of the sun illuminates the sky

Shades of red fill the vastness

The ocean reflecting the beauty

Slowly the colour changes

And in seconds everything seems different

Highlights of orange are all that’s left

Yellow dominating as the sun is first seen emerging at the horizon

The clear blue water now sparkling like embedded diamonds

A ship in the distance casts a shadow

A flock of early birds flying by

In a moment the scene again takes a turn

The artist splashing blue paint onto his canvas of creation

White blobs called clouds are then seen along with the spherical sun in the sky

The minimum amount of colour is added

And the masterpiece then left the way it is

For a whole day the artist contemplates about that single painting

Then by twilight another idea strikes

The canvas is once again worked upon

Paint flying hither tither

The azure now disappearing is being replaced with strokes of orange, pink, violet and indigo

The sun, a ball of red is hidden partially behind the clouds that are no longer white

Everything changes at a drastic rate

The flock of birds appearing a second time

But now at the other end of the canvas

The ship closer to the shore

And suddenly

Splayed on the canvas is black

And darkness is all there is left

The Cresent moon then takes the place of the sun reflecting it’s light

White dots the sky while the water reflects the constillations of stars

The painter finally satisfied hangs the canvas on the wall in the only spot devoid of any art

His last painting in place.

He stands in the centre of his masterpiece

The passion aflame in his eyes as he takes in the view

Every inch of the space covered with his art

While each canvas tells it’s own story

They could only be understood superficially when viewed individually

But together they summed up his life in a word

And that was spectacular