Broken Heart

And when you’ve lost hope
You know it is all pointless
Because nothing matters now
A light flickers on
Casting mocking shadows
Leaving you unsure.
What exactly does life want?
Why dangle such ideas in front of your tired eyes?
It all happened in another life
So why can’t you get over it?
Take a step away,
Move on with your life
And smile…
Why the overthinking then?
Where you can’t help but wonder
Is this all a sign perhaps?
Like lightening and thunder?
Constant hints of care and love
The flame filling you with warmth
But just as subtle and sweet
To never lead you on.
So is it all a hoax
Cooked up in your mind
Because your heart would not believe
There’s nothing in between the lines?
So you play the fool
To console your heart
And convince yourself
To play the part.
You yearn for that comfort
You aren’t even sure you will get,
Thirsty for the love
You think he’s reserved for someone else.
So then;
Why the hope,
The fluttering of the heart?
Why the pain, of a broken heart?
You know it is never to be
This is not a love story,
Yet you want to believe
That things are different
And just maybe…
For how long can you do this though?
Hours, days, weeks?
Because you’re breaking from within
Don’t you see?
Let it go
You’re almost free,
And just when you’ve lost hope
A light flickers on…





Dim the lights
Soften the mood
In the darkness
You hear it?
Only your heart
The sound fills your ears
In the deafening silence
One after the other
Sustaining your being.

Dim the lights please
All of them
All you see is black
Black outside,
Black within?
A cold shiver.
Does it beat faster?
Your heart?
Do you feel it now?
Increasing tempo…
Each passing second
Waiting in anticipation
And again.
Is it really an option though?
Life is wonderful.
Will you give it up so easily?

Dim the lights
Better yet
Shut them off
Let the darkness seep in
Filling up every nook every corner
The hollow within you
Let it rejoice
Let it overflow with this darkness
Feeding on it.
Hold on though
Don’t loose yourself yet
Giving up is not an option.
See that ray?
That ray within you?
Keep it close.

Have you shut the lights?
Now stand alone.
Do nothing
Just feel,
Your heart
Your breath
Your life
Don’t you see?
You are important to us
You matter to us
You are worth a lot to us.
That heartbeat of yours is music to your parent’s ears
Those eyes of yours reflect the beauty within your soul
That radiant smile of yours lights up the day of strangers
The kind and caring personality of yours warms the hearts of many.
We’re talking about you.
My love
Are all that this world needs.
So feel that spark within you,
Let it crack through the darkness
Like lightening,
Let it spring out
Breaking through your shell.
Blind the world with your light,
Your energy
Let it only spread love and happiness
This world might become a better place.





You know how they say evolution came about
Three theories are considered
One, everything existed from the start and that one type became extinct
Two, suddenly a grand change occurred in DNA forming a new species
Third and the most well known one, adaptation.
All species have adapted to their habitats which help them survive
Survive the heat of the Sahara
Survive the cold of the North Pole
Because everything ultimately comes to survival…
Look at humans,
One goes through a break up, a roller coaster of emotions and yet, somehow learn to live life
Talk about death, the loss of a close one, altogether it is the worst kind of feeling because after a point you become numb. Numb to more pain for you know there couldn’t be anything worse that could happen. You just survive, barely, but you do and try to live life without them.
We survive through such situations because we learn to adapt, adapt to those emotions, adapt to those feelings that consume us.
We survive through such situations because we know that succumbing to them will make us go mad, bonkers!
We survive through such situations because, unfortunately our survival instinct kicks in and life pushes us forward in another direction making our hearts heavy and at the same time light enough to go on…



Go on

I cried
For what else could I do
How else was I supposed to take in that news
What do you expect of me?
Stand with a brave face?
But why?
Why can I not let my emotions out?
Who are you to judge me?
Do you know the feeling of loss?
Have you been through anything like me?
The person you cherished, now lost…
Lost forever…
Your life now feels incomplete
Hell, you don’t feel complete either
For they were a part of you
Now it’s all just a memory.
They have become a memory!
And have you wondered how it could crush someone to even think of the possibility of loosing that memory.
Have you any idea?
So go on
Judge me for all the money in the world
It shows you have no empathy
I see that pity in your eyes
The way you look down on me like I’m a lost puppy
Go on
Say something demeaning
Push me away
I don’t think such actions would even inflict a milligram of pain
Go on
Don’t just stare
I know you’re bursting with laughter looking at my state
Go on
See if I care
But I sure do hope you never feel the kind of heart wrenching emotions I’m going through
For you won’t be able to stand the looks given by the world
Your ego will shatter and impale your arrogance
You will be reduced to nothing
And know then that shedding a few tears will not make you a less of a man
It will make you more of a human.



And she stared
Stared as his hands fluttered across the keys,
Making melodies that rang through her bones
Each note, touching her heart
As he described a story of his soul.
It could have been just a minute
It could have been an hour
But time suddenly seemed to stop as she stood, transfixed and mesmerised listening,
Listening to a piece so beautifully meddling with the termoil of emotions
It upset her and yet, somehow calmed her
Alas, there was no applause at the end of it
Not a word of appreciation from a mouth
No one had bothered to lend a ear to his music
No one even cared to glance at him.
She alone, stood and stared.
Stared for a bit and then made a move towards him
Their eyes had connected once before
Who would have known that they’d meet again
Life bringing them together
Where a few hours ago they’d exchanged looks of hatred
But right now her eyes only shined with wonder.

The world around seemed oblivious to the connection of hearts that took place that night
How one soul laid their book open to be read
The other gently filling the rest of the pages.
Memories were made as they sang and danced
Talked and laughed,
Kissed and smiled,
Their hearts truly beat in sync, completing the other.
Cruelty of life however
Made them lose touch
Each following their own passion
Each stepping further away.

Yet, the world around didn’t see the strain in his notes
Nor did they notice the true sadness behind her eyes
It had broken them, to having moved on
For they were meant to be.
Alas, things changed like they usually do
Dreams were fulfilled by the end of the day,
They seemed happy for the time being
Adjusting with the new way.
Oh, the tricks of life
As they met once again
This time not so different from the first
For again his fingers weaved their magic
A melancholic tune floated through the room
It was the very same that had won her heart
And she stared
Stared and thought of the possibilities there had been
One changed step and they would have been the ones still holding the other’s hand.
Now here she sat with a man she was meant to love and a heart that belonged to him,
While there he sat fulfilling his dream with a broken heart and reminiscing…



​They talked for hours

Conversations stretching deep into the night
Time didn’t matter to her, for he was on the other side
She laughed at his jokes
Smiled at his stupidity.
Through it all,
Her heart had fallen for him,
But their friendship was special
So she kept her feelings trapped within.
Every night he cut the phone,
She whispered those unsaid words
A beep was all she heard in reply
When one day she heard his breath
She had spoken too soon.
Her eyes widened in shock and she waited in anticipation
The same words were not uttered back
And yet again her ears were subjected to a silence impregnated with a constant beep,
But this time