What is it called
When you’re supposed to explain something
But you’re speechless
Without an answer?
They think you should know
I mean
How else would your behaviour be justified?
But what if
You don’t know?
Have no idea!
You’re reaction, yet a puzzle…
Why should they expect?
When even you
You, yourself are lost
The confusion within you not helping
But still pressured to give an answer?
What is it called?
Because I’m clueless
And someone is waiting for an answer…


Go on

I cried
For what else could I do
How else was I supposed to take in that news
What do you expect of me?
Stand with a brave face?
But why?
Why can I not let my emotions out?
Who are you to judge me?
Do you know the feeling of loss?
Have you been through anything like me?
The person you cherished, now lost…
Lost forever…
Your life now feels incomplete
Hell, you don’t feel complete either
For they were a part of you
Now it’s all just a memory.
They have become a memory!
And have you wondered how it could crush someone to even think of the possibility of loosing that memory.
Have you any idea?
So go on
Judge me for all the money in the world
It shows you have no empathy
I see that pity in your eyes
The way you look down on me like I’m a lost puppy
Go on
Say something demeaning
Push me away
I don’t think such actions would even inflict a milligram of pain
Go on
Don’t just stare
I know you’re bursting with laughter looking at my state
Go on
See if I care
But I sure do hope you never feel the kind of heart wrenching emotions I’m going through
For you won’t be able to stand the looks given by the world
Your ego will shatter and impale your arrogance
You will be reduced to nothing
And know then that shedding a few tears will not make you a less of a man
It will make you more of a human.



It surged through me

Like fire

Burning up my insides

Yet, I could do nothing but bear the pain

The pain that supercedes anger

The pain of helplessness.

Bound to uphold my morals

By that voice screaming from within,

Screaming at me to hold my tongue

Screaming at them to understand,

Mouth forming curses

Eyes darting arrows

Yet subtly to not offend them.

Rendered speechless

Even though thousand arguments for in my head,

I walk out on them

Stalking off to a place they can’t see me

A place that is peaceful,

Yet unable to extend the tranquility into the heart of the anger.

Still fuming

I think it over

As helplessness washes over me like a wave upon a beach

Anger withdrawing with it leaving my face wet from tears.

A streak of rebellion now overpowers me,

Alas, it is futile

For I cannot get my way if that upsets my loved ones

The people I care for so deeply,

Their beautiful faces marred by disappointed looks

Would pain me more than the pain that follows my anger,

For love surpasses war in ways that cannot be described…