Golden hues

Golden hues and swirling emotions

Don’t know if the wave reflects the sky or my soul
Deep and powerful with the ever changing shades of blue
The light bouncing off, dispersing within the water
As shadows play in the darkness, brooding away from the luminescence
Warmth spreads through the ocean as the day comes to an end
The ball of fire seemingly drowning within it
Like magic, it disappears at the horizon leaving behind the moon to dominate the sky.
The stars now reflecting off the surface and time passes till another day has come and gone
Looking now for a ray of hope,
The emergence of dawn.
The sky suddenly bursts into azure
Pink, red and golden hues encase the Earth
Blessed with yet another day
Taken for granted yet another time.
Golden hues and swirling emotions
The waves reflect the sky
Me, a bystander appreciating nature once in a while
Projecting my emotions to make meaning of this life…




You know how they say evolution came about
Three theories are considered
One, everything existed from the start and that one type became extinct
Two, suddenly a grand change occurred in DNA forming a new species
Third and the most well known one, adaptation.
All species have adapted to their habitats which help them survive
Survive the heat of the Sahara
Survive the cold of the North Pole
Because everything ultimately comes to survival…
Look at humans,
One goes through a break up, a roller coaster of emotions and yet, somehow learn to live life
Talk about death, the loss of a close one, altogether it is the worst kind of feeling because after a point you become numb. Numb to more pain for you know there couldn’t be anything worse that could happen. You just survive, barely, but you do and try to live life without them.
We survive through such situations because we learn to adapt, adapt to those emotions, adapt to those feelings that consume us.
We survive through such situations because we know that succumbing to them will make us go mad, bonkers!
We survive through such situations because, unfortunately our survival instinct kicks in and life pushes us forward in another direction making our hearts heavy and at the same time light enough to go on…




​We talked for hours

However, times changed fast

Soon we entered silent waters
Drifting in our boats alongside
Glances were all we shared
For words, now, felt foreign.
We had built our own walls
Different habits, different thoughts
Ruining the connection we once shared
Distorting the memories we’d made.
The river divided into smaller streams
Life pulled us in different directions

Were we ever to meet again?
In the ocean someplace…

Were we ever to talk again?
In whispers like friends…

Or would we no longer recognise the other?
After all
It seemed like a mere dream
A dream I’d give anything to relive
If it meant you were by my side…


To him

I hear a name
He calls out again
Just a letter
That’s the most I can hear
I search around
For him
Again he calls
And I stumble forward
‘A’ that’s the letter I hear
My footsteps quicken
Forward I walk
His melodious voice rings through the air for the third time
Now my heart stops
It isn’t my name that he calls
‘A’ was just another letter amongst it
My steps turn
Backwards into the darkness
Where I am meant to belong
For he’s never going to see me for who I am
For he’s always going to be oblivious to my presence
These thoughts somehow cracking my heart open
Leaving it in two pieces
One that belongs to me
The other that’ll always belong to him…


She sat


Thinking of the past that haunted her

She could not move past it

Somehow it was still controlling her life

It held on to her

With every moment that passed

It grew

Creating a void within her

Eating up her emotions

Leaving her empty

Her body was sore

She tried to rise

But her muscles didn’t budge


Physically and mentally 

She cried out for help


It surrounded her

Inside and out

Her body numb

Accepting defeat

Froze at that spot

In that stillness

She saw a future

Something that had been evading her very dreams

Dreams that only consisted of the horrors of the past

Dreams that only consisted of the dark

But now

She saw the light

Bright and shining

Beckoning her forward

Sparking inside her the motivation she used to once have

With determination, she stepped forward 

One step at a time

Slow and steady, she started on her journey

Her broken wings 


She was proud of who she was

A flightless bird in flight…


Unconditional love

It was a dream

But I din’t know it

For me, it was reality.


Time for school

I was tying my shoelaces

When her presence made me look up

It was a ritual for us to kiss goodbye before going to school

‘Bye, have fun!’

Was what I heard when I walked out the door each morning.

But today,

Time slowed down

Each step she took towards me


And I felt an ache deep within me.

It seemed that I hadn’t given her a kiss in a while

Felt her warm hands around me as I hugged her

That feeling of emptiness was about to be extinguished

I could feel it slowly residing

With each step with which she came forward,

Towards me.


There was beauty in the sadness that I felt

As the last thing I saw

Were her eyes brimming with unconditional love.


Forever our barrier,

Broke the course of my dream as reality came crashing in.


It was a dream

And now I know it.

A dream it was


For even through the tears

I smiled from my heart

The dream,

Left unfinished

For even reality could not complete it…



It all starts with motivation

Her dream was big.

Near impossible was the general idea,

People had failed

Tried again

And yet failed…


She thought it probably could be her cup of tea,

With the right effort

She would be able to achieve it.

But was it too late already?

Had the time gone to rectify her past?

Could she still do something that could help her?


Even her inner self mocked her,

Stood up and applauded

Belief in oneself had vanished

When she looked for motivation.

Even a sign that there was still the slightest possibility that she could prove herself.


It took some time to find it,

She had it in her

But it was hiden.

Hidden in a place that could only be awakened and brought to the surface by a different voice.

It had to be someone else

Someone who could believe in her

Even when she thought herself as a failure,

That inner light could only be ignited by them.


But how long could she wait?

It killed her from inside

Her last ray of hope detiorating

She was going to change forever,

When a voice spoke…


It wasn’t really someone else’s,

Rather her own feelings put down in words by someone else.

Yes they belonged to someone who believed in her

And that someone was she herself…