Go on

I cried
For what else could I do
How else was I supposed to take in that news
What do you expect of me?
Stand with a brave face?
But why?
Why can I not let my emotions out?
Who are you to judge me?
Do you know the feeling of loss?
Have you been through anything like me?
The person you cherished, now lost…
Lost forever…
Your life now feels incomplete
Hell, you don’t feel complete either
For they were a part of you
Now it’s all just a memory.
They have become a memory!
And have you wondered how it could crush someone to even think of the possibility of loosing that memory.
Have you any idea?
So go on
Judge me for all the money in the world
It shows you have no empathy
I see that pity in your eyes
The way you look down on me like I’m a lost puppy
Go on
Say something demeaning
Push me away
I don’t think such actions would even inflict a milligram of pain
Go on
Don’t just stare
I know you’re bursting with laughter looking at my state
Go on
See if I care
But I sure do hope you never feel the kind of heart wrenching emotions I’m going through
For you won’t be able to stand the looks given by the world
Your ego will shatter and impale your arrogance
You will be reduced to nothing
And know then that shedding a few tears will not make you a less of a man
It will make you more of a human.



In death

Oh how they moved together, gliding effortlessly across the dance floor.
He wore a silver grey suit with shining black shoes and a peacock blue tie that matched the dress of the woman he had in his arms.
It seemed as though they were floating.
Eyes lost in the other’s, just suspended in time.
It was quite the spectacle, really.
The beautiful couple brought a smile on the old lady’s face who sat nearby reminiscing her olden days.
It was, but, too perfect a picture to ruin.
Suddenly the cruiser gave a lurch and the next thing you know the cruseliner, was making a dangerously slow downward descent.
Everything was now distorted.
Mayhem broke out but the old lady didn’t even flinch.
Her eyes brimming with tears as she realised that this time there wasn’t anyone to save her. Not even a plank of wood.
She realised that soon her body would join her heart that had sunk to the depths of the ocean not long ago.
She realised that in death, lay her peace, her love, her soul…




And she stared
Stared as his hands fluttered across the keys,
Making melodies that rang through her bones
Each note, touching her heart
As he described a story of his soul.
It could have been just a minute
It could have been an hour
But time suddenly seemed to stop as she stood, transfixed and mesmerised listening,
Listening to a piece so beautifully meddling with the termoil of emotions
It upset her and yet, somehow calmed her
Alas, there was no applause at the end of it
Not a word of appreciation from a mouth
No one had bothered to lend a ear to his music
No one even cared to glance at him.
She alone, stood and stared.
Stared for a bit and then made a move towards him
Their eyes had connected once before
Who would have known that they’d meet again
Life bringing them together
Where a few hours ago they’d exchanged looks of hatred
But right now her eyes only shined with wonder.

The world around seemed oblivious to the connection of hearts that took place that night
How one soul laid their book open to be read
The other gently filling the rest of the pages.
Memories were made as they sang and danced
Talked and laughed,
Kissed and smiled,
Their hearts truly beat in sync, completing the other.
Cruelty of life however
Made them lose touch
Each following their own passion
Each stepping further away.

Yet, the world around didn’t see the strain in his notes
Nor did they notice the true sadness behind her eyes
It had broken them, to having moved on
For they were meant to be.
Alas, things changed like they usually do
Dreams were fulfilled by the end of the day,
They seemed happy for the time being
Adjusting with the new way.
Oh, the tricks of life
As they met once again
This time not so different from the first
For again his fingers weaved their magic
A melancholic tune floated through the room
It was the very same that had won her heart
And she stared
Stared and thought of the possibilities there had been
One changed step and they would have been the ones still holding the other’s hand.
Now here she sat with a man she was meant to love and a heart that belonged to him,
While there he sat fulfilling his dream with a broken heart and reminiscing…


A year ago

​A year ago we stood on the shore

Laughing as the waves rolled in

Lounging on the chair under the sunlight

Taking in life like any other day

A year ago we sat at a table

Gorging on delicious food as we watched
the sun set

Melodies played in the background

And people mingled with each other like old friends

A year ago we were together

Walking the streets of a dreamlike place

Counting the stars high above us

Glowing under the moonlight in a daze

A year ago everything was perfect

A year ago we still had one another

So hard to belive though

That it was all, just, a year ago…



​I looked into her eyes and all I say was love

Love of the purest form while she smiled at me

But as the time passed

Her eyes started to close

So I held on to her hand


Unable to let go

A quarter of an hour

That’s how long I got to see her day after day

A punishment it felt

For her to be kept away

She needed us

We needed her

I still need her

For I have walked astray



​We talked for hours

However, times changed fast

Soon we entered silent waters
Drifting in our boats alongside
Glances were all we shared
For words, now, felt foreign.
We had built our own walls
Different habits, different thoughts
Ruining the connection we once shared
Distorting the memories we’d made.
The river divided into smaller streams
Life pulled us in different directions

Were we ever to meet again?
In the ocean someplace…

Were we ever to talk again?
In whispers like friends…

Or would we no longer recognise the other?
After all
It seemed like a mere dream
A dream I’d give anything to relive
If it meant you were by my side…