Dim the lights
Soften the mood
In the darkness
You hear it?
Only your heart
The sound fills your ears
In the deafening silence
One after the other
Sustaining your being.

Dim the lights please
All of them
All you see is black
Black outside,
Black within?
A cold shiver.
Does it beat faster?
Your heart?
Do you feel it now?
Increasing tempo…
Each passing second
Waiting in anticipation
And again.
Is it really an option though?
Life is wonderful.
Will you give it up so easily?

Dim the lights
Better yet
Shut them off
Let the darkness seep in
Filling up every nook every corner
The hollow within you
Let it rejoice
Let it overflow with this darkness
Feeding on it.
Hold on though
Don’t loose yourself yet
Giving up is not an option.
See that ray?
That ray within you?
Keep it close.

Have you shut the lights?
Now stand alone.
Do nothing
Just feel,
Your heart
Your breath
Your life
Don’t you see?
You are important to us
You matter to us
You are worth a lot to us.
That heartbeat of yours is music to your parent’s ears
Those eyes of yours reflect the beauty within your soul
That radiant smile of yours lights up the day of strangers
The kind and caring personality of yours warms the hearts of many.
We’re talking about you.
My love
Are all that this world needs.
So feel that spark within you,
Let it crack through the darkness
Like lightening,
Let it spring out
Breaking through your shell.
Blind the world with your light,
Your energy
Let it only spread love and happiness
This world might become a better place.





Dear dad,

It’s a wonder how life changed so fast
Once birthdays were eagerly awaited for
Now it’s just another day on the calendar
Even though this day may seem like any other to you
I think it’s one of the greatest days of the year
After all it’s the day the world’s best father was born!!!!

Happy birthday daddy ❤


Sweet Moments

My eyes locked with his for a split second
But that was enough to get my heart racing,

A beautiful smile adorned his face

A playful sparkle lightened up his eyes.

Now etched in my mind as I turned away

Unable to focus as the moment replayed in my head.

It was just a glance thrown across the room

It was just a smile sent unknowingly my way

He was unaware of what he made me feel in that fleeting moment

How he had just made my day!