You know how they say evolution came about
Three theories are considered
One, everything existed from the start and that one type became extinct
Two, suddenly a grand change occurred in DNA forming a new species
Third and the most well known one, adaptation.
All species have adapted to their habitats which help them survive
Survive the heat of the Sahara
Survive the cold of the North Pole
Because everything ultimately comes to survival…
Look at humans,
One goes through a break up, a roller coaster of emotions and yet, somehow learn to live life
Talk about death, the loss of a close one, altogether it is the worst kind of feeling because after a point you become numb. Numb to more pain for you know there couldn’t be anything worse that could happen. You just survive, barely, but you do and try to live life without them.
We survive through such situations because we learn to adapt, adapt to those emotions, adapt to those feelings that consume us.
We survive through such situations because we know that succumbing to them will make us go mad, bonkers!
We survive through such situations because, unfortunately our survival instinct kicks in and life pushes us forward in another direction making our hearts heavy and at the same time light enough to go on…





She sat


Thinking of the past that haunted her

She could not move past it

Somehow it was still controlling her life

It held on to her

With every moment that passed

It grew

Creating a void within her

Eating up her emotions

Leaving her empty

Her body was sore

She tried to rise

But her muscles didn’t budge


Physically and mentally 

She cried out for help


It surrounded her

Inside and out

Her body numb

Accepting defeat

Froze at that spot

In that stillness

She saw a future

Something that had been evading her very dreams

Dreams that only consisted of the horrors of the past

Dreams that only consisted of the dark

But now

She saw the light

Bright and shining

Beckoning her forward

Sparking inside her the motivation she used to once have

With determination, she stepped forward 

One step at a time

Slow and steady, she started on her journey

Her broken wings 


She was proud of who she was

A flightless bird in flight…


The Light

For her

Life had always been tough

Responsibility rested on her tender shoulders

But that wasn’t a deterrent

It was her strength

That drove her on

She had a dream

And she worked towards it

Putting in hours of hard work

And ultimately achieved it

As time moved on

She fell in love

Soon had two beautiful children

The family was perfect


Like standing at the top of a mountain

But then came the fall

All she could hope was to survive

Survive for everything she was blessed with

It was not easy

Yet, she took up the challenge

And survived

It was her strength

That drove her on

As life moved on

So did she

Along with her family

She worked her way up the mountain

Each took different paths

Rocky, risky, frightening, dark

The glimpse of the summit was near

But it din’t feel like much of an achievement this time

More like a waterfall at the end of a river

While water currents pushed you over the edge

The ride wasn’t steady

And the fall was horrible

But they floated back up

She floated back up

And that was all that mattered to the family

She was their heartbeat

Their lifeline

It was her strength

That drove her on

And climbing onto their boat

They sailed through a surreal forest

Occasionally stumbling upon rainbows

Winds hit them hard

Once the sea emerged

The ride wasn’t steady

It rained one day

And the sun shined on the next

Everyone was trying to adjust

Hold up and be there for one another

The clouds soon grew dense

And they were now witnessing a storm

Hands on

She was at the centre of it

It was her strength

That gave others the strength

Inspiring and instilling admiration

Supported by her loved ones

They plunged into the rage of the sea

Anticipation gripped them

As they waited for everything to unfold

Looking ahead

They tried to find the light at the end of the tunnel…