Golden hues

Golden hues and swirling emotions

Don’t know if the wave reflects the sky or my soul
Deep and powerful with the ever changing shades of blue
The light bouncing off, dispersing within the water
As shadows play in the darkness, brooding away from the luminescence
Warmth spreads through the ocean as the day comes to an end
The ball of fire seemingly drowning within it
Like magic, it disappears at the horizon leaving behind the moon to dominate the sky.
The stars now reflecting off the surface and time passes till another day has come and gone
Looking now for a ray of hope,
The emergence of dawn.
The sky suddenly bursts into azure
Pink, red and golden hues encase the Earth
Blessed with yet another day
Taken for granted yet another time.
Golden hues and swirling emotions
The waves reflect the sky
Me, a bystander appreciating nature once in a while
Projecting my emotions to make meaning of this life…



Dear dad,

It’s a wonder how life changed so fast
Once birthdays were eagerly awaited for
Now it’s just another day on the calendar
Even though this day may seem like any other to you
I think it’s one of the greatest days of the year
After all it’s the day the world’s best father was born!!!!

Happy birthday daddy ❤


An Opalescent Sky

Our boat made its way across the reservoir
The shore left far behind
Our destination, ahead
Engulfed in darkness.
We sat,
Huddled together
Sharing warmth
As the cold breeze lashed against our frames.
Tightening the grip on our jackets
We looked ahead.
Moot outlines of terrain met our eyes
At the end of which rose an opalescent sky.
An endless sea of stars stretched above our heads
And the moon,
Beautiful and pale
Guiding us ahead.
Suddenly the hum of the engine faded away
Our whispers, turned into silence
This wasn’t something we experienced everyday
This wasn’t something we even knew existed.
The water gently lapped against the side of the boat
Slowly moving us forward
Into what seemed like foreign lands
Treasured and unexplored