What is it called
When you’re supposed to explain something
But you’re speechless
Without an answer?
They think you should know
I mean
How else would your behaviour be justified?
But what if
You don’t know?
Have no idea!
You’re reaction, yet a puzzle…
Why should they expect?
When even you
You, yourself are lost
The confusion within you not helping
But still pressured to give an answer?
What is it called?
Because I’m clueless
And someone is waiting for an answer…



You know how they say evolution came about
Three theories are considered
One, everything existed from the start and that one type became extinct
Two, suddenly a grand change occurred in DNA forming a new species
Third and the most well known one, adaptation.
All species have adapted to their habitats which help them survive
Survive the heat of the Sahara
Survive the cold of the North Pole
Because everything ultimately comes to survival…
Look at humans,
One goes through a break up, a roller coaster of emotions and yet, somehow learn to live life
Talk about death, the loss of a close one, altogether it is the worst kind of feeling because after a point you become numb. Numb to more pain for you know there couldn’t be anything worse that could happen. You just survive, barely, but you do and try to live life without them.
We survive through such situations because we learn to adapt, adapt to those emotions, adapt to those feelings that consume us.
We survive through such situations because we know that succumbing to them will make us go mad, bonkers!
We survive through such situations because, unfortunately our survival instinct kicks in and life pushes us forward in another direction making our hearts heavy and at the same time light enough to go on…



Go on

I cried
For what else could I do
How else was I supposed to take in that news
What do you expect of me?
Stand with a brave face?
But why?
Why can I not let my emotions out?
Who are you to judge me?
Do you know the feeling of loss?
Have you been through anything like me?
The person you cherished, now lost…
Lost forever…
Your life now feels incomplete
Hell, you don’t feel complete either
For they were a part of you
Now it’s all just a memory.
They have become a memory!
And have you wondered how it could crush someone to even think of the possibility of loosing that memory.
Have you any idea?
So go on
Judge me for all the money in the world
It shows you have no empathy
I see that pity in your eyes
The way you look down on me like I’m a lost puppy
Go on
Say something demeaning
Push me away
I don’t think such actions would even inflict a milligram of pain
Go on
Don’t just stare
I know you’re bursting with laughter looking at my state
Go on
See if I care
But I sure do hope you never feel the kind of heart wrenching emotions I’m going through
For you won’t be able to stand the looks given by the world
Your ego will shatter and impale your arrogance
You will be reduced to nothing
And know then that shedding a few tears will not make you a less of a man
It will make you more of a human.



She wrote about love she had never experienced
Those touches that sent her skin tingling, never felt

Those words that took away her breath, never heard

Those eyes lost in the other’s, never seen.

But yet she wrote about it all

Filling the blank pages of her book

So that someday when she read them again,

She would finally understand what they truly meant…


The Countdown

Centuries ago, it all started

Decades ago, they destroyed my home

Years ago, I discovered the truth

Months ago, I put my plan into action

Weeks ago, they found me

Days ago, my wounds were still raw

Hours ago, I found the will to live

Minutes ago, I tried escaping

Seconds ago, I was so close

Breath ago, I was still alive…



(Something I wrote with my friends)


I was the only one who knew her secrets
I was the only one she could trust.
Her eyes pierced me as she stared
She was looking,
Searching for an answer
But I had nothing to offer.
Her debate started again
To listen to her heart?
To listen to her mind?
She could talk like that for hours
Her eyes filled with passion
While she talked about him
But today, it wasn’t the same
I could see the pain
The pain his absence was putting her through
Slowly eating her up from inside.

I knew her,
Her desires, dreams and demons
For I was the one she could trust
I have been her constant
I have been her reflection
No words of love did I offer
No words of courage did she hear
All I returned was silence
All I lended was a listening ear.

Now here she stands in front of me
Tears forming in her eyes
I know the reason for her sorrow
I know her heart can’t take it no more
Stop, I shout out to her
He still lives in here, I say as I touch my heart
All she does is stare
Stare at hand on her heart
Tears pour down rapidly
Rolling down her soft cheeks
He’s gone, she says
How could he leave me, she questions
I stand helpless is front of her
It wasn’t his choice, I say
But her sorrow had consumed her
She could not hear
She could not see
A streak of fury now lashing out
She hit her fist against me
Once, twice, thrice
Till I was shattered
All that remained of me were shards of glass
All that remained of her were shards of her heart…